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Nature's Nails & Beauty

Sunshine Plaza & Birtinya Shopping Centre

Job Type: Nail & Beauty Salon

Category: Commercial

Sub Category: Shopping Centres

Project Summary

Natures Nails - Birtinya:

From an empty shell in a newly built shopping centre, this nail and beauty salon became a place that offers clients a space to unwind, relax and emerge feeling a little more glamourous. The space is open, bright and modern in its design and the green walls bring a sense of warmth and calm. With the owner’s knowledge and experience of operating similar businesses in other Centre’s, we were able work together to build on that experience and create a design and finished product that everyone was happy with.

Nature’s Nails – Sunshine Plaza:

Having worked with the owner’s on their previous build and by working closely with the tenancy management team, we were able to create a space that is open, bright and welcoming. A space that is both practical and relaxing to allow the client an opportunity to relax and enjoy the pampering!

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